Изјава на Специјалниот ополномоштеник на министерството за надворешни работи на Германија за Југоисточна Европа, Турција и ЕФТА-државите, д-р Хелбах, по неговата посета на Скопје


     Важи кажаниот збор 

Thank you all for coming! On behalf of the German Federal Government, I would like to make a statement at the end of my visit to Skopje.


I had meetings with President Ivanov, Foreign Minister Poposki and with the leaders of all political parties, represented in Parliament.

My visit serves to underline that Germany cares about your future. Germany reaffirms its commitment to support your country on its way towards NATO and the EU, in line with the previous statements of EU-Commissioner Johannes Hahn and High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini.

For this to become possible, the swift formation of a government dedicated to implement the Urgent Reform Priorities is needed. The reform process is central. The people need jobs, social security, rule of law and effective measures against corruption. We call on all actors to refrain from raising divisive issues not related to these priorities.

We  are confident that  the President will respect the results of recent elections and allow the majority in Parliament to form a government as soon as possible.

Parliament must be able to take up its work in order to decide upon urgent matters that stand under clear ownership of the country.   

We call upon all parties to act responsibly in order to avoid potential tensions. We note with concern the negative rhetorics towards civil society organizations and the international community and call upon all parties to refrain from such language.

Last but not least it I would like to stress that it is of high importance that the Special Prosecutors Office continues its work in cooperation with independent and credible judicial support.

As a true friend, Germany hopes that the political crisis can soon be overcome, for which constructive political will of all stakeholders is required.



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